Blackjack rules of the BJ Switch game variant

blackjack rules variations

Blackjack is probably the most famous card game — even young students, who never gambled know basic Blackjack rules. However, this game has a variant that is known to a fewer number of players — the Blackjack Switch. The casino Blackjack rules of the Switch game variation were invented by the professional gambler Geoff Hall. Later, another card player, Karel Janeček, helped to modify them. He also added some features to this BJ strategy.

Blackjack rules — the Switch BJ game

This game is a rather unusual version of Blackjack. The goal here is the same — to score more points than the dealer’s, but not higher than 21. 6 – 8 decks (each has 52 cards) are involved here. Blackjack Switch rules are almost the same as the standard ones, but there are a couple of significant differences that make this card game so original.

blackjack rules
  • The player receives cards for two hands at once. Then the croupier deals cards to himself. The player has the right to change his top cards between the two with his own hands in order to make the most advantageous combination.
  • The croupier must take an additional card for himself if he has a combination of 17 points with an Ace worth 11 (the so-called soft 17).
  • If the dealer has 22 points on his hands, this does not mean his loss; according to the Switch Blackjack rules, a draw is declared and the player simply gets his bet back (Except when he has a BJ combination).

The strong advantage of this game variation is that the player has the right to swap his top cards. However, the winners are payed 1:1 instead of 3:2.

Super Match bonus game

The bonus game called Super Match, it available here. Its peculiarity is that when certain combinations of the first four cards fall out on two hands of a player, additional winnings will be paid to him. The amount of these bonus winnings can vary in different online gambling houses, depending on the casino Blackjack rules adopted in it.
Winnings here are paid like combinations in poker:

  • Any pair — 1: 1;
  • 3 of the same type — 5: 1;
  • 2 pairs — 8: 1;
  • 4 of the same type — 40: 1.

Although the house edge in Super Match is 2.55%, this addition is even more popular with players than the main game.

Blackjack Switch game strategy

The strategy to play this game consists of two stages:

  1. Making a decision to change or not change cards after the first deal.
  2. Matching the gamer’s cards and the open card of the croupier. Depending on the combinations, the player makes a decision: draw the next card, stop, double, split, and so on.

However, those, who know Switch Blackjack rules well and play it, say that although this game variant is true fun, it is very difficult to beat a house here. Almost all strategies fail. However, the riskiest gamblers and people, who love everything unusual, pick Switch BJ pretty often.

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