Blackjack online free – the card game for millions of fans of hazard

Blackjack online free

Blackjack online free or real money has firmly taken its place in gambling world. And the popularity grows by the day. And it’s natural, as the game is very hazardous, exciting, has quite simple rules and is represented in different varieties, like American, European or Spanish Blackjack online free. This pastime’s followers have a chance to find the favorite game not only in online casinos, but on special gaming websites, offering to play just for fun without any financial risks.

Blackjack online free – the main rules and gameplay

As it was mentioned, Blackjack is quite a simple game with the main goal to collect 21 points, or at least, to have a hand that is better than a dealer’s one. The value of 10, Jack, Queen and King equals to 10 points, Ace can be counted as 1 or 11 points, depending on the situation and cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as their ranks.

From the very beginning a player gets 2 cards, while a dealer receives 2 cards as well, but one of them is dealt face down. A player can take more cards, if necessary, but the bust must be avoided. When a gambler completes the turn, then a dealer opens the second card and decides what to be made further. A banker is obliged to take another card if the total amount of the points is less, than 17, and to stop if the result is 17 or higher. A winner is an opponent with points closer to 21, but not more than this sum.

While playing Blackjack online free every gambler has some additional options, like:

Blackjack online free play
  • Double. While having 2 cards in the hand, which sum is not 21, a player can double own bet that is equal to the starting bet.
  • Split. If a player has 2 cards of the same rank, it’s an opportunity to split them into 2 boxes, by doubling the starting bet. In this case, a banker deals additional cards to one player’s box first, and only then to the second one. But it’s necessary to remember that 2 split Aces can be added by just one card more.
  • Insurance. If the opened dealer’s card is Ace, a player can place an insurance bet against Blackjack combination. If a banker really has it, a gambler wins with the odd 2:1, otherwise it is loss.
  • Surrender. A player can give up the game, when there are only 2 cards in the hand, but in this case the half of a starting bet will be lost.

The mentioned aspects of the game claim to be the draft and are absolutely enough to become a part of this fabulous world, called “Blackjack”.

European Vs Spanish – what are the differences between these types of Blackjack

Spanish variant of Blackjack has soft shelled rules compared to European type of the game. It has 48 cards in the deck, as 10s are excluded. But as this option reduces the winning chances, online casinos offer some specific bonus features to level the odds.

So, Blackjack or 21 points automatically make a winner out of a player, even if a dealer has the same result. Besides, a banker is obliged to take another card, when there are soft 17 points (the combination includes Ace). There are some specific bonuses, which allow players getting more winning odds. As an example, when a gambler has collected 21 points with 6 cards, the prize is doubled. And if a player has 3 “sevens” of the same suit, and the fourth “7” is in a dealer’s hand (when 4 decks are used), the total win is multiplied by 50!

As for the websites, where a player can find the best variants of European and Spanish Blackjack, the most popular of them are the following.

  • Betway Casino is definitely one of the best sources to play Blackjack online free.
  • Unibet Casino.
  • InterCasino.
  • Grosvenors Casinos.
  • Mr. Green Casino.

So, now every follower can easily make the next step and to play different varieties of Blackjack and to become more and more advanced player.

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